We supply tripwire alarms in order to create perimeter fences around potentially vulnerable sites.

In 2019 we were asked if we could supply a 3.5km polar bear fence for the world’s largest ever arctic expedition?

No problem…

IN THE BEGINNING… Some years ago, in Svalbard, I was attacked by a polar bear while I was in my sleeping bag. We hadn’t seen the bear and it attacked without warning. It was a very dangerous situation but myself and my companions lived to tell the tale. However I realised that people camping in dangerous areas needed some kind of early warning system, to warn of intruders, especially while they are sleeping. They needed a sentry that never sleeps.

I visit the arctic regularly and I take my camp security very seriously especially when I am alone and that means using a reliable tripwire perimeter fence. I tried different types of alarm but never found one that was ideal. Some rely on batteries (which may go flat) or buzzers (which I would probably sleep through), so our alarm is a mechanical device that uses blank cartridges. I don’t trust any alarm system that totally relies on electronics, as the possibility of moisture and short circuiting is too risky for me - I generally find that the more simple a device is the more reliable it will prove to be.

The easiest solution was to design my own because I new exactly what was needed and these are now available to purchase from Arctic Limited.

Our latest model is the world’s first multi-calibre tripwire alarm.

Although we can supply the alarm to use just about any calibre of blank cartridge that has a ‘shoulder’ on the case, we usually supply the device in either 12 gauge or Cal 4/25.6mm (signal pistol) cartridges as they are the easiest to get hold of. The alarm can simply switch between different calibres by using an optional cartridge adapter.

This alarm is strongly recommended because it is simple, self-contained and very easy to reload with a fresh cartridge after it has been triggered. It is wholly manufactured by some of the most skilled engineers in England using the best materials for the arctic climate - rust resistant, heavy duty and easily capable of withstanding the harsh environment - yet it still fits into the palm of your hand. It is also the preferred choice of professionals.

Although the alarm was originally designed for use in severe arctic conditions, it is also perfect for use in other parts of the world where unwelcome visitors may be present. Grizzly bears, alligators and wolves are just some examples where they have been used.

Dangerous intruders should be given the respect they deserve and encounters with them should be strongly avoided.




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