The alarm has been designed to detonate blank cartridges, most commonly 12g or Cal 4 signal cartridges. There are various brands available and in the United Kingdom 12g black powder blank cartridges can be purchased without the need for any form of Licence, but a Firearms Certificate is required for the purchase of the Cal 4 cartridges. However these can usually be purchased in many overseas countries without any issues.

A minimum sensible set-up for a small camp is 4 alarms using 4 corner posts. For larger camps simply add more posts (see diagram). The maximum recommended distance between alarms is 10m/30ft. We sell our own posts or you can use your own (in some circumstances you might be able to use conveniently spaced trees). Each alarm is set using strong, fine, non-stretching fishing line as a tripwire. If anything passes through the line, it triggers the device and fires the cartridge. This produces an instantaneous and very loud bang, or two bangs depending on the type of cartridge used. Apart from warning us that an intruder has entered our perimeter border, it can often scare off the offender.

To be extra secure, 2 rows of alarm tripwires should be set around the camp, one above the other, like a fence or boxing ring. One row should be about 300mm above ground and the other is about 700mm above ground. This arrangement prevents anything stepping over or crawling underneath the tripwires if you are camping on ground that has high or low spots directly below the tripwire. If camping on soft ground or snow it is important to use guy-lines to tether the posts and make them more rigid (see photo). Some blanks fire into the air and produce a secondary bang. If these are being used it is important not to mount an alarm directly below another one as it could discharge and deflect off the top one which could be dangerous. The easiest solution is to mount the alarms on opposite sides of the posts.

The alarm can be used pointing up or down, depending on which type of cartridge is being used.

Setting up the alarm

1 Fix the alarm mounting bracket to your post.
2 Attach the alarm to the bracket using the locking ring.
3 Pull the firing pin until the hole for the safety pin is visible and insert the pin.

With the safety pin locked in place the device will not fire, even if the alarm is accidently triggered.

4 Pull the firing pin more and when the groove in the shaft appears, insert the release sear into it.
5 Stretch the tripwire, (attached to the release sear) fairly tightly, to the next post.
6 Insert a cartridge into the cartridge collar and attach it to the alarm.
7 Gently and carefully remove the safety device.

WARNING! The device is now armed and will fire when the sear is pulled away from the alarm by movement on the line.


The device has been designed for professional use. Treat it with respect. Failure to follow operating instructions could result in injury.

It has not been designed to inflict injury of any kind - it is to be used to warn of the presence of an intruder.

Never, ever use cartridges containing shot/pellets. This could result in very serious injury.

Keep children away from the device.

Never use the alarm indoors or near any kind of flammable material as it could be a fire risk.

Always wear eye protection when arming or disarming the device.

The device is only to be used by adults. Not to be used by anyone under 18 years of age.

Arctic Limited does not accept any responsibility for injury or damage however caused.

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